The activities in the cellar are supervised and carried out by Letizia Cesani herself.


The grapes, all hand-picked and selected for maturation, variety and plot, are carried every hour tothe cellarswhere the wine is made. For the fermentation and vinification of white and rosé wines, steel tanks are used, while for the vinification of the reds steel and cement tanks are used. Furthermore, the red wines,depending on their characteristics, are then refined in French oak. All tanks are temperature controlled and even regulatedremotely by a control panel because many stabilization processes are carried out only with temperature control. The refining of the bottled wine takes place in rooms located within an old agricultural outbuilding recently restored, buried on three sides and with constant temperature and humidity. For Cesani wines "the passing of time is an ingredient" just like grapes and passion. A choice that favors quality overeconomy, many of our labels are released for sale only after 24-48 months after bottling, a fundamental period for the development of tertiary aromas and therefore necessary to market complex and elegant wines like ours. Again, "everything in its time".