Cesani Winery

A Family History

“Only those who know their grapes can know how to make them. This is why I decided to do it myself” - Vincenzo Cesani

Vincenzo’s words perfectly  capture the philosophy behind the production of quality wines of the Cesani Family: understanding the gifts of nature, farmingknow-how  and the human factor. The extraordinary added value that we can offer our customers consists in choosing to cover the entire production chain: directly cultivating and vinifying our grapes, then bottling and directly selling the fruit of our work. Knowing your grapes means knowing the land where they growand respecting its natural rhythms. "Everything in its time".  It is nature that marks the times of the work in the vineyards, the harvest and the release of the bottles  on the market. "Respecting nature’s rhythms"means putting love for nature before mere market logic. For decades we have been cultivating our land according to the dictates of organic farming, wherewehavethe task of monitoring crops and intervening when necessary with only natural products, preserving the ecosystem in which welive and work and protecting ourbiodiversity.