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Our roots will be your roots.


For the Cesani family, making wine at Pancole means keeping alive the family ideals of respect for the land, for nature and for work, keeping alive a beautiful and healthy countryside that is a guarantee of the futureand well-being for future generations.

Here not only the highest quality wines are produced, but an economic activity is carried out that follows fundamental ethical standards for us: transparency, sustainability and typicality. We believe and promote local realities in a short supply chain perspective, guaranteeing the quality and origin of the products and at the same time inviting the consumer to be an active, responsible and informedpart of the process. The support of our friends, those who believe in these timelessvalues, isfundamental and that's why we invite you to join our family by joining the Cesani Roots Wine Club.

This will allow you to make us feel your supportand friendship, which we will try to repay by offering you special and exclusive deals. You will not be anonymous club members, but members of our family. You will come to know our roots, to live our days, our anxieties and our joys. You can, if you wish, help spread the message across the world that you can produce differently, eat differently, drink differently, live differently.

Cesani Roots Club

up to 200 points

  • Subscription to the periodic newsletter
  • Special offers during the year

from 200 to 500 points

  • Subscription to the periodic newsletter
  • 5% discount on all wines and company products
  • Special offers during the year
  • Wines preview
  • Cesani screwdriver

over 500 points

  • Subscription to the periodic newsletter
  • Special offers during the year
  • 8% discount on all wines and company products
  • Wines preview
  • Cesani apron
  • Priority to purchase special formats and editions
  • Priority opportunities to purchase older exclusive vintages
  • Participation in the Cesani Roots Club Members Special Tasting
  • 10% on tours offered by My Tuscan Wine and Tours.


Join the Cesani Roots Club

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