Our choices as humans make the difference and we believe to have chosen a respectful and careful style


The CESANI wineryis located in Pancole, a small village located 6 km from the center of San Gimignano in the northwest part of the municipal territory. Today the property covers about 35 hectares of land with 26 hectares of vineyards, about 4000 olive trees, various arable fieldsand woodlands. The Cesani family has always cultivated their land directly, knowing every inch of soil and every plant therein, thus being able to intervene in an almost "surgical" way on every single parcel in terms of fertilization, harvesting, etc.This widespread knowledge of their land meantthat it was inevitably natural to certify all organic products starting in 2008. Therefore today in the company we do not use synthetic chemicals for any agricultural production, but only natural products and systems. In the company headquartersin Pancole there arethevinification and ageing cellars for our wines. There are also historic farm houses, preciselythose where Guido and Annunziata arrived with their four children, where today we offeragritourism with hospitality in comfortable and traditional apartments and ensuite guest rooms. From the panoramic terraces of the structure you can enjoy a glimpse of the picture-perfect Tuscan landscape.Admiring from above the lands owned by the Cesani family, we can understand how fundamental areboth agriculture and the presence of families like ours in these lands that are shaped by man with a respect and care rarelyfound outside this region: there is a tightly knit fabricand integrationofdifferent crops that maintain a rare beauty of landscape and an intense biodiversity.We are aware that this system of management of the agricultural landscape is characterized by a more difficult mechanization of operations, by  greater manual work and thusa higher cost of production, however, we believe that the protection of the territory through our hands is priceless: biodiversity, hydrogeological protection, beauty and economic sustainability truly come to life in this place.